Finding Beauty in a YouTube Video

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The Piano Guys are an extremely popular group of classical musicians who perform renditions of popular songs in the most beautiful of ways.  Among these is the recent “Don’t You Worry Child” piece featuring lovely Indian vocalist Shweta Subram.  This video had no trouble reaching over a million views in a very short span of time.  Positive comments abound in the comment area where viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts.

So many are enraptured by the beauty, not only of the music and the scenery, but by the vocalist in this video.  (I love the rich beauty of Indian Sarees and Churidars, such a refreshingly lovely thing to see someone wear as we’ve all turned grunge and denim in the USA.  But that is a topic for another blog!)  Her rich Indian attire is nothing short of stunning, her eyes and countenance full of life as she shamelessly shares her beauty with the world, manifesting itself in her sweet voice and her lovely presentation.

There is such a powerful sense of beauty in this video, especially in the case of Shweta, that I had to write about it.  She shares with us the wonderful purpose of the feminine soul in this video.  Unarguably, this brings to light the essence of woman’s destiny in bringing beauty to the world.  This video made it more poignant to me that this is ultimately the design that God had, the purpose He intended in creating every woman.

When a woman delights in innocently being enjoyed in and cherished for her beauty and her priceless qualities, her heart comes alive and she brings life to the world.  A new fire is ignited in her soul and she ignites this fire, this deep yearning, love and appreciation for beauty in the hearts of others.

This woman is most alive when, through God’s grace, she is confident in her beauty and she brings life to all those around her.

Every woman has the incredibly dignified role of bearing beauty and bringing it into the world.  In this sense, even the barren woman has the calling and destiny of being a mother, of constantly mothering and nurturing the beauty within herself and always bearing this beauty and bringing it into the world as a reflection of the magnificence of God.

“The power of the Good has taken refuge in the nature of the Beautiful.” -Plato

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